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Finance for Global Ships and Maritime Assets

As the largest financial institution in the world with strong alliances and loan capabilities, the OPEC Banks' Shipping Finance Division offers Award-Winning & Matchless Financing Programs to the global maritime shipping industry always enhanced by our Guaranteed Lowest Interest Rates.

Our clients are large public and private companies, including shipowners, shipping companies, trading houses, and charterers.

OPEC Banks' Shipping Finance Division is recognized globally for its in-depth knowledge and has been active in global ship financing for more than 150 years.

The ships we finance include, among others, oil tankers (crude oil, gas, chemical, and petrochemicals), dry bulk vessels, container vessels, container boxes, and car carriers. 
★★★ With OPEC Banks International You Can:

★★★ Finance your industrial shipping projects;

★★★ Finance your bulk carriers, container ships, automobile carriers, oil tankers, LNG carriers, and so on, and we strive to meet the diverse and varied financial needs of our customers;

★★★ Access to our Other financing options such as limited recourse finance in the form of operating leases of ships and financing for petroleum carrier (oil tanker);
★★★ Benefit from Our Capability to Offer Financing Throughout the World.
Financing World's Major Shipyards, Ship Manufacturing Companies, Maritime & Marine Industry, Fishing Vessels, Cargo Ship & Cruise Ship Manufacturing Companies, Shipping, Export, Import, and Trade Projects from US$5,000,000 up to NO LIMIT Always Enhanced with our Traditional:
And Attractive Terms.

Need Financing for Your Shipyard, Shipping Industry, Shipbuilding Company, or a Transportation and Logistics Project? 

We Have All You May Need - From Start to Finish.

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