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Financing Global Shipping Industry

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As the largest ship financiers in the world, OPEC Banks Logistics and Transportation Finance Division offers Guaranteed Lowest Interest Rates, unmatched financing programs, and strategic expertise to maritime shipping, large public and private shipping companies, shipowners, trading houses, and charterers.

Working with a team of professionals with multi-disciplined backgrounds and unsurpassed shipping knowledge, enables us to finance major ports, airports, airlines, roads, railways, shipping, logistics, and urban transportation.

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★★★ Capability of Financing all Areas of the Logistics and Transportation Industry

If you think your bank can not help you optimize growth, minimize risk, and help your Logistics and Transportation business prosper -- maybe it's time to contact OPEC Banks' Shipping Projects Finance Division.

With more than $794 billion (United States Dollars) in aggregate lending commitments this fiscal year alone -- across 19,300+ projects worldwide -- OPEC Banks' Logistics and Transportation Finance Division is committed to meeting the unique financial needs of companies across the industry value chain.  

Financing World's Major Ship Manufacturing Companies, Ship Acquisition, Marine Industry, Fishing Vessels Manufacturers, Fishing Fleet, Cargo Ships, Tugboats, Cruise Ships, Yachts, Logistics Companies, Freight Companies, Aviation, and Airline Companies Projects from US$5,000,000 up to NO LIMIT -- Always Enhanced by our Traditional: 

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Need Financing for Your Shipyard, Shipbuilding Company or a Transportation, and Logistics Project? 

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