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Financing Food and Agriculture Projects Worldwide

Financing Tailored for All Your Financial Needs, Guaranteed Lowest Interest Rates, and Certainty of Execution.

OPEC Banks' Food and Agribusiness Finance Division has over 150 years of experience financing the global agriculture sector through all cycles.

Enhance your competitive strategy by leveraging our industry know-how, Guaranteed Lowest Interest Rates, Matchless Financing Programs, unlimited resources, and one-stop financial solutions to achieve ultimate success. 

The Global Financial Power for International Agribusiness

Agriculture Loans Made Easy And -- Tailored Financing Programs that Work Best for You, Including:

★★★ Our deep understanding of the complex challenges that impact your success by pursuing the global opportunities in food and agribusiness;

★★★ At OPEC Banks' Food and Agribusiness Finance Division our advisors specialize in the food and beverage industry worldwide.

★★★ And... more than $872 billion (United States Dollars) in new
farm & agriculture​ loan commitments this fiscal year alone.

Need financing for your agribusiness, food & beverage industry, dairy farm, livestock, food manufacturing plant, food industry & food manufacturing company, farm real estate, livestock, fisheries, fruit & nut company, grain merchandising, food processing or a timber & timberland project?

We Have All Need - From Start to Finish.

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